The Battery - Photography by Marshall

Own A Piece of Canada

(or a photograph of it at least)

Here is an opportunity to own a limited edition, 

signed and framed photograph of a truly iconic landmark 

from his Natural Wonders of Canada series by 

Canadian photographer, Marshall Postnikoff.

The Battery - in colour

The Battery sits at the entrance to the harbour located on the slopes of Signal Hill, sometimes described as an outport within the city of St. John’s Newfoundland. The area is noted for its steep slopes, colourful houses, and its importance as a battery for the defence of St. John’s Harbour in both World Wars.

The vibrant and rugged grandeur of The Battery captures a perspective of it’s history, legend and lore, where you feel you are discovering the past, but in the present.

The Battery, my first in a series of National Wonders of Canada, is offered as a limited edition, signed by award winning Canadian photographer Marshall Postnikoff. The Battery was recently named as a Finalist for Best of Photography 2015.

Originally photographed in colour, then converted to black and white, The Battery captures the raw beauty of the hills, then brings back the beauty of the coloured houses to create a unique rendering of The Battery.

          Size 1 -  Print Size 18” x 6.12”           Frame Size 24” x 12”            $348

          Size 2 -  Print Size 28” x 9.5”             Frame Size 34” x 15.5”         $548

          Size 3  - Print Size 36” x 12.25”         Frame Size 40” x 18.25”      $658

          Size 4  - Print Size 52” x 17.5”           Frame Size 60” x  22"         $1,038

          Size 5 -  Print Size 56” x 19.0”           Frame Size 60” x 24”          $1,618

          Size 1 -  Print Size 18” x 6.12”            Unframed                              $198          

          Size 2 -  Print Size 28” x 9.5”              Unframed                              $328          

          Size 3  - Print Size 36” x 12.25”          Unframed                              $398          

          Size 4  - Print Size 52” x 17.5”            Unframed                              $628         

          Size 5 -  Print Size 56” x 19.0”            Unframed                              $978

                                                                               Shipping and taxes are extra

How to order

Reply to sender indicating the size required and the shipping address. The artist will then send you a PayPal invoice for the amount (plus applicable taxes). Use your PayPal account or credit card to make your payment. Your Original Photograph Fine Art of The Battery will be shipped within 1 week. A tracking number will be sent confirming your order. Please indicate if this is a gift, the invoice can be held back.

Technical Information This professionally framed print is available in 5 sizes, each signed and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. The image is printed on professional grade high gloss metallic photo paper using acid free mats. This paper produces superior prints in terms of archival performance, incredible resolution and detail, tonal contrast and colour depth. Matted prints are dry mounted to acid-free archival mounting board for complete flatness and protection. They are then over matted with a white, beveled, 4-ply museum quality matte board. A 3/16-inch reveal mat surrounds the photograph for a traditional and timeless presentation. The print is covered with an anti-reflective, crystal clear, UV protected laminated glass.

About Marshall...

“the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know” - albert einstein

My creativity emerged through years of viewing the world through a camera lens. The magic of the camera captures moments frozen in time that connect me with my inner self and my imagination. I am continually enraptured as I look through my camera lens and I learn more about the world that surrounds me every day. The creativity and learning that I embrace grows exponentially as I capture daily life every time the shutter clicks.

I define myself as a visual opportunist. Using the immediate atmospheric conditions I seize the moment. The subjects I pursue relate to my extensive travels that furnish numerous subjects that capture my imagination and provide for 'opportunist' images. These images include Travel, Fine Art and Street Photography.

For years as a Business Development Specialist by training I searched for a creative outlet. Photography provided this outlet and has given me the tools to explore, experiment, discover and to intensify my knowledge of a vast and ever changing world. I am a Collingwood-based photographer with a vision and a passion to share what I have discovered through the viewfinder.

Most of my original photographic fine art originate as digital photographs. Many of the finished images are straight photographs with minimal alteration; others are digital composites made by blending multiple photographs and adding digital effects.

I hope you enjoy my work and if you have any questions about this photograph, do not hesitate to contact me. I still have a lot to learn and share.

Contact info:

Marshall Postnikoff                                                    416-953-9363

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